wilderness books

Liberating truths are unveiled from the story of Israel's wilderness journey that apply to our lives today.  Discover the blessing and guiding presence of God as you survey Israel's journey from the bondage and slavery of Egypt to the promised land of Canaan.  You will grow spiritually, learn to hear the Spirit's voice more clearly, and gain fresh insight into God's ways with His people as you study Exodus through Deuteronomy.


Why do I have to go through a wilderness?

This Hope Study Center course takes a look at the Wilderness Books of the Bible (Exodus-Deuteronomy), and applies the adventures, challenges and truths to our lives.  Take a look at this introduction to the study.


The highlights of Lessons 1-7 are discussed in this online conversation. Pam Thomas helped "teach" this section of our study. She has great insights!

ONLINE discussion 2

Using the textbooks "Milestones to Maturing, Growing the Laws of Grace," by Jack Hayford, we discuss the last portion of the content. Included in the conversation: 

*  Why public identification with God so important? 

*  How significant is the priestly blessing in Numbers 6? 

*  Why is it our responsibility to actively speak blessing into people's lives? 

*  How can we apply the to different reports revealed in Numbers 13 to our lives? 

*  and more.

Ordering the Textbook and Finishing the Course

To purchase the textbook online, click HERE.

To obtain the final exam needed for course credit, email hopestudycenter@gmail.com.