Day 20

Maybe today could be "THE day!"

Day 21

Learning to lead ourselves, and then leading others. Practical stuff in 1 & 2 Timothy!

Day 22

Let grace teach you how to live in your salvation through the book of Titus.

Ready to eat "let us" in Hebrews?

Day 23

Looking for wisdom? Healing? Check out the book of James.

Day 24

Questions about suffering or holiness? 1 and 2 Peter have answers!

Day 25

3 short, but powerful LOVE letters.

Day 26

Just 24 verses...but they're power-packed--  Jude is a book of hope!

Day 27

A look into the future!

Day 28

So, what are the "gospels" and "epistles?"

Day 29

The Old Testament is important!

Day 30

Stay on course with right believing!

Day 31

Keep running your race. The best is yet to come!