Running Your race

Hey, check out this "message in the rain" from Pastor Roger.  Why not join us for this online Bible Study during the month of August? Are you a new Christ follower? This study will help you understand the "race" that you've begun. Have you known the Lord for awhile? This will be a great refresher!!

This daily "run" will be available in a Facebook group and on our website.

The book/study guide is waiting for you in the Hope lobby for a $5 donation. Want to have one mailed to you? Add $3 for S&H.

Day 1

Ready for Day 1? Let's go!

Day 2

Let's talk about conversion, repentance and confession.  What's the difference?

Day 3

What is sin?

day 4

Mile Marker 1--Water Baptism

Day 5

Mile Marker 2--Memorizing God's Word--It's important!

Day 6


It’s important to develop a habit of prayer.

Day 7

So, do I have to go to church?

Day 8

Let's talk about another Mile Marker--the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Day 9

"BE" before "DO."

Day 10

Get involved in a Bible Study.

Day 11

How about dealing with stuff that happened before my salvation?

Day 12

What's this about "giving?"

Day 13

We're in a marathon, not a sprint!

day 14

What's in the Book of Romans?

Day 15

1 & 2 Corinthians are filled with important truths!

Day 16

So, do we need the Law of Moses, or are we simply "grace"? Check out Galatians.

Day 17

Ephesians is filled with so much encouragement!

Day 18

We can have joy inside despite our outside circumstances!

Day 19

Christ is holding all things together. He's our ALL in ALL. Take courage!