Freedom Ministries Introduction

Freedom Ministries is designed to help you discover the true and complete freedom that Christ brings. Through these sessions, we hope to build a “freedom foundation” in your life, that will help you continue your journey toward all that Christ affords us as His saved and delivered children. Not only has He saved us from sin; He has provided us a way of escape from those things that hold our souls captive. Are you ready to get free?

Hearing God

God wants to talk to you about who YOU are and who He is!  Hearing God's voice is the way that we find freedom and healing.  Discover how you can hear the voice of God.

True/False identities

Are you a victim or overcomer?

What is your "invisible imprint?"

Perhaps God has designed an identify for you that you haven't yet discovered?  He wants to tell you the name that HE has given to you!

Join us in this study.

Who am I? Belief System

Do you want to experience lasting change?  Discover levels of change. Explore ungodly beliefs that may be part of your personal belief system. Find freedom as you adopt godly beliefs through the Word of God.


Have you felt cast aside, thrown away, discarded as defective or of no use?  Discover the roots and behavior patterns of rejection, and see how God wants to bring freedom in this area of your life.  He wants to show you how HE sees you!

Grief and loss

Whether you’ve gone through the loss of a loved one, experienced a tragedy, or are simply attempting to deal with some of the other losses in life; this class is designed to help you recover and deal with the pain of the loss. Scripture tells us that “Jesus wept.” Although we as Christians do not mourn as those who have no hope, we do mourn nonetheless. Join us as we study together a healthy approach to grief and loss and learn to view it from God’s perspective.

soul ties

Your soul is made up of your mind, will and emotions. The Bible speaks about souls being "knit together," "becoming one flesh," and more. Soul ties are magnets--some good and some devastating. Learn about healthy and unhealthy soul ties; how you can strengthen the good ones and be free from the destructive ones!