Bible prayer study course preview

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Bible Prayer-- 7 Steps to answered prayer

Check out thisHope Study Center Prayer Course--Video 1, based on "Bible Prayer Study Course" by Kenneth E. Hagin.  

1.  Be specific and stand on God's promises. 

2.  We must ask God for what we want. 

3.  Be positive in your thinking. 

4.  Guard your mind. 

5.  Meditate on God's promises. 

6.  Continually thank God for the answer. 

7.  Make every prayer a statement of faith. 

Online discussion 1

Join us in this online discussion of "Bible Prayer Study Course," by Kenneth E. Hagin. Included in this discussion: 

*  Praying in the name of Jesus 

*  Binding and loosing 

*  The prayer of agreement 

*  The prayer of faith 

*  The prayer of praise and worship 

*  United Prayer

online discussion 2

This online discussion highlighted Lessons 12-25.  A few of the topics include: 

* The difference between head faith and heart faith 

* The importance of forgiving others with regards to answered prayer 

* Speaking in tongues 

* The law of Bible interpretation 

* Discerning God's will ...and more

Ordering the Textbook and Finishing the Course

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